Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Treasures

I've come across some new treasures in the last few days, with no theme in particular, but all are worth checking out, especially #3!

1 - adorable little chandelier about to be painted some amazing colour, and of course loose the little lampshades...

2 - full 8-glass vintage serving set with wood and chrome tray. He-llo!

(photo credit to The Internet Movie Database)
3 - an 80's movie called The Big Chill. Most of you probably know about this already; I hear it's a classic. But I had never heard of it before this past weekend, and when it arrived in my mailbox from Zip I didn't even remember ordering it. I loved it so much I watched it twice. It. Is. Awesome. Seriously, I might need to own this one. A-mazing!

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