Thursday, July 28, 2011

Preloved for Summer!!

Big  news! Preloved is here! We have a selection of lovely summer skirts, as well as these beautiful aprons and cushion covers from Preloved at Home.....get down here to Relish while they last!

And stay tuned..... there will be a whole bunch of beautiful Preloved clothing arriving in the fall. Can't wait!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Vintage!

I picked up a couple of really great vintage items for Relish earlier this week that you just have to see....

This coffee table is SO COOL! It has the oblong shape of an old-school surfboard, and really unique, incredible legs.

And check out this refinished trunk! It's in really great shape, and the wood is gorgeous.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Week's New Vintage

Happy meltingly hot Thursday, everyone!

We've got some great new vintage at Relish this week that you'll need to check out. (The weather is supposed to be much more civilized tomorrow.) Here is a sample of some the of great new stuff....

This table just came in last night - a gorgeous mid-century Krug dining table (with a leaf)...

an amazing old stadium seat...

a cute little stencilled child's rocking chair...

a pair of vibrantly coloured Japanese ceramic pots...

a cool bar set that includes the original dispenser...

and an amazing old armchair!

Phew! Be sure to come take a look!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pit Stop

Well, 'tis the season for road trips, so I thought I'd share my favourite place to stop when travelling the 401. I often make the trek down the highway to the Seaway Valley in Eastern Ontario, which is a good 5 or 6 hour drive, and I finally found the perfect place to stop that isn't a roadside Tim's......this lovely place is called the End of the Thread Cafe.

Look at the AMAZING stuff they've got outside - and that's just the beginning!

This gem of a spot is in Brighton, just one exit past the Big Apple that you can see from the highway. It's just a couple of kilometres down the road from the highway, and then you arrive at the picturesque main street of Brighton. Not only is this a great spot to get out and stretch your legs, but they have a lovely cafe, complete with snacks, and the most jaw-droppingly amazing antiques and vintage finds. It's not just a cafe, but also an incredible antique shop. SO MUCH FUN!

Last time I visited this sofa was for sale - I have vowed to own a couch like this one day. It's true love.

So next time you're heading anywhere east of The Big Apple, be sure to check this place out!

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Outfit!

Judy got a new outfit this morning!

This adorable summer dress is by Simone's Rose in Toronto, and so is the beautiful Obi belt around her waist. We have a few of these belts in different colours at Relish right now - they're made of gorgeous fabric and all of them are reversible, so you really can wear them with just about anything!

Here's Judy in the window - just so you know what to look for when you come to visit us.  :-)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flowers and More Flowers!

Somehow, despite weeks without rain and what I thought was a total lack of sunshine in our yard, we've got some beautiful flowers blooming in the garden right now, so I just had to share...

This is one of the few spots where the sun hits, so the lavender is very happy here.

Even a couple of daisies made it!

Now I knew I planted a couple of marigolds, but for some reason this one seems to be the most enormous marigold I've ever seen!

I can't explain it, I just have an irrational weakness for morning glories. Love them!

And look how lovely these beauties are! I'm not actually sure what they're called, but they were on sale at the garden centre, so I call that a success.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Vintage at Relish!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I've had a great weekend full of lots of vintage shopping, and here are just a few of the things I've brought into Relish this week....

Amazing chrome and vinyl swivel stools! The question is, who doesn't need these in their kitchen??

My first of many vintage chandelier finds... This one is already silver, which is pretty awesome, so I haven't painted it. Be sure to come in and check it out while it's still here. This one won't be around for long!

The cutest wooden children's chair, and a beautiful little white wooden table. Perfect for tea parties or colouring books!

Hope to see you in the shop! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New at Relish This Week!

Very exciting - Relish has just received some beautiful handmade jewellery and accessories, just in time for Art Crawl!

These gorgeous changepurses are handmade in Victoria, BC by Bonspiel - and they're made out of recycled leather and suede. The best part (other than the beautiful prints and colours) is that because they're vintage leather, they already have that super-soft worn-in buttery feel. Yummy!

Another incredible Canadian source, the Silver Workshop, has created these beautiful handmade sterling silver pieces of jewellery. We've got a selection of necklaces, as well as a beautiful silver and bronze ringe and a pair of hand-cast silver stud earrings. You've got to see these!

And even more jewellery! These dreamy floral earrings are just one of the designs created by Hypho - the designer also creates earrings and pendants out of colourful tangled wire. Get down here and check these out before they're all gone!

Also not to be missed are one of my personal favourites - handmade journals by Sarah Hollands. These gorgeous journals are made using old books, and the pages are a whimsical collection of book pages, wallpaper, tissue, maps, etc. These must be seen to be appreciated!!! And if you're not a journal-writer, no problem! These would make the most incredible photo albums! I just adore them.

And finally we have a refill of those colourful paper poms from PomTree - and yep, that sure is polka dots you see in the photo. These are going to be awesome!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Day in the Garden...

Ok, here's how it started...

Once upon a time there was an gigantic pine tree in our front yard. Now that it's gone, we get buckets of sunshine, but also buckets of weeds growing faster than I can keep up with them. That, combined with general neglect, has made our front yard into a total weed disaster.  And yes, I planted that grass plant there on purpose because one day there will be a garden here.

But I have to say I'm thrilled to welcome this surprise of yellow daisies that appeared in our yard this year!

So I went out one day and bought what I thought was tons of little alyssum cell packs so I could plant a border along the walkway to try to keep the weeds under control. Turns out I only bought about 1/4 of what I needed...

So it's looking good, but now I've run out, and there is no more alyssum to be had at garden centres. So I went back and bought some other little plants to finish the job. (Bonus - the new ones are perennials, so I don't have to do this job every single year!)

Check that out! So damn tidy! (Just ignore those overgrown weedy shrubs on the right - they'll get dealt with eventually.)

The photo below shows the baby's breath plants I bought - not the same baby's breath as was in your high school prom corsage. This was actually in the thyme section. (go figure?)

And this photo shows the irish moss I planted in the shade  near the door. It fills in to create a gorgeous carpet of dense green moss with tiny white flowers.

Now fingers crossed for some rain so this stuff all survives!