Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Furniture at Relish!

Yesterday morning I got up really early to go pick up some new furniture for Relish from a husband and wife team in Woodstock who build furniture for their business, Second Bloom Design, at their home. Incredible stuff. Seriously! Be sure to come by the shop (at 6 Cannon St E) to check out how lovely this stuff is!!

Look how great that custom teal colour looks in the window - very cheerful for spring.

Another look at the teal side table, made from salvaged wood and welded metal legs.

This beautiful console table is made entirely from salvaged wood - even the legs are old banister spindles!

This is another salvaged wood side table, in the origianl steel finish. It looks very industrial and masculine. So lovely!

A close up of the beautiful steel...

Everything from Second Bloom Design is SO beautiful, and every bit of wood used is salvaged and reclaimed. Once again, I'm very impressed by anyone who is this good at working with their hands. Can't wait to go back to place some more orders!

And did I mention I finally got my sidewalk sign finished today? Very exciting, and just in time for the sunshine!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Items are Here!

I'm incredibly excited to report that as of this week I have amazing art and incredible clothing in the shop!

Artist Sarah Hollands has graciously provided me with paintings, collages, and mixed media artwork - these are some gift tags, postcards and mini art boards I have in the shop right now.

Today's project of actually installing changeroom curtains, now that I have clothes, is done! And they look very cute, if I do say so myself!

The Heartland Cargo Skirt, from Simone's Rose, one of the designers I carry, is a beautiful full wrap skirt with wonderful details like oversized pockets, big buttons, and lovely pleating. And it comes in both denim and khaki!

This is the Avalon Skirt by Allison Wonderland, an amazing designer out of Vancouver. The pattern on this skirt is so cheerful, it just screams "summertime!". This skirt also has adorable pleating and pockets - I am SO loving all the skirts and dresses with pockets that are so popular right now!

Monday, April 18, 2011

New in the Shop

Now that the shop opened this past weekend for its first regular day of business, I can let you in on all the great products we carry. Some exciting new things have come in over the last week, and there are always great vintage finds to discover....

Handmade felt and linen cushions by Sarah Smile, upcycled lamps made from found objects by Le Lampist.

Vintage prints printed on old dictionary pages by Madman Incognito.

Always a great selection of hand-picked and well-edited vintage decor by Relish Vintage.

More upcycled lamps and handmade cushions...

The perfect vintage coffee service...

And always a great selection of vintage bar-ware!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mostly Done for Art Crawl!

Well since my last post, I've been painting my butt off. I actually got a coat of primer on every surface in the shop, so was ready to set up for a soft opening in time for Art Crawl.

This is Wednesday night around 9pm...

Wednesday night at 2am - really late, but the shop is looking good!

After this, Thursday was spend painting the other half of the shop, and Friday was spent cleaning up and organzing...

I actually got opened up in time, and Art Crawl was great! The weather cooperated, so there were lots of people out. I consider this mission accomplished. And now I'll be spending this week putting the final 2 coats of paint on all the walls. Then I'm mostly done!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And The Work Continues...

Because of all the work I'll be doing at the shop this week to prep for Art Crawl, postings will be a little light this week, but I wanted to update you all on the work I've done so far.

I realize this photo is not that impressive, but you have to know that it took me 2 entire days to put 2 coats of paint on these banisters! They could probably use a 3rd coat, but for sanity reasons, I'm stopping here! Today's project is to actually get started on wall painting.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Big News!

It's finally official, so now I can gush about my big news..... I'm opening a shop called Relish in downtown Hamilton!!!!

I just took over the space on the weekend, and this is what it looked like on Saturday. But don't worry, by the time I open on Friday night's Art Crawl, it will be much cleaner, and will have at least one coat of fresh new paint!

This photo just doesn't do justice to how much dirt was actually on the floor. Everything in there is SO dirty that it can only be cleaned in layers. Even so, you can still see just how cute the place is!
At this point in the day, I'm not even forming thoughts. I'm just totally overwhelmed by how much work there is to do before Friday! But still happy!

I just had to include this photo - look how awesome the ceiling is!!!

Relish is going to be a beautiful little (and I do mean little) boutique of both vintage and new items. The vintage items will be from Relish Vintage and the new items have all been sourced from Canadian designers, which is super duper exciting. And they are all SERIOUSLY beautiful, so watch out!

The shop will carry new and vintage home decor, vintage and reclaimed furniture, and new items from Canadian designers that includes clothing, jewellery, bags, and art.

So please come by and say hello if you're at Art Crawl on Friday night. Hope to see you there!