Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Vintage Goodies

Time to unveil some new vintage goodies here at Relish!

The second is this lovely refinished dining table with Relish's signature bright green legs and a beautiful walnut-stained solid wood top - yummy!

The second is the incredible refinished desk or vanity, with the most beautiful drawer pull - vintage turquoise glass!!!! (sorry for the small photos!)

Come on in before these treasures get snapped up!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Flea Market Finds

I haven't blogged about thrifiting or flea markets in a while, and since my husband and I just found something AMAZING I thought I should share...

I had managed to drag Ilya to a flea market (NOT his idea of a fun Sunday morning) a couple of weeks ago to help me lift a table I remembered seeing there. Well the table was no longer there, but while we were wandering around Ilya suggested we check out one of the "antique" buildings. As soon as we walked in we both made a beeline straight for this huge, distressed harvest table we saw.

We loved it so much, we decided we just had to have it despite the fact that it was not in the budget, and we did already have a dining table. Whoops. Sometimes, these things just happen!

Luckily, it did actually occur to me that we should go home and measure the opening of our front door to make sure we could actually fit it inside the house if we brought it home. (I am never this organized, so I was very pleased with myself for thinking of this.) Turns out we had 2 inches to spare, so I zipped back up to flea market and bought the table.

The next weekend we recruited our large, strong friend to help us move it (it's solid wood and 7 1/2 feet long, so not a small feat), and we now have an awesome new dining table. And we didn't have to do a single thing to it! We love it!!!

What do you think??

Friday, February 17, 2012

50% off Sale is STILL On!!!

Just in case you thought it was over, I thought a little reminder might be a good idea - the amazing 50% off sale is STILL ON at Relish. That's right, 50% off all clothing at Relish!!

And here's an idea of the beautiful clothes that are still here (can you believe it?!)...

beautiful silk Strangers Blouse from Allison Wonderland

soft and versatile Thief Blouse from Allison Wonderland

ultra-feminine Topaz Skirt from (in black and in grey)

incredibly soft Tea Tee Dress (seriously, this is like wearing PJ's - I love it!!) from Simone's Rose

gorgeous and glamorous Brocade Shorts from Simone's Rose

classic and ever-popular Boyrfriend Blazer from Simone's Rose

perfectly flattering Heartland Wrap Skirt from Simone's Rose

I hope to see you in here soon while there are a few sizes left to choose from!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Preloved Clutches for Spring!

The newest thing in the shop right now is a little teaser order that Relish received from Preloved that included these gorgeous clutches...

The Natalie Clutch

These lovely clutches can hold everything you need for a night out on the town (they're 12" long!) and are made from recalimed leather and lace.

And yes, there are pink ones!!!

See you all soon!