Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finally, A Beach!

After craving the beach for SO LONG, Bertha and I finally made it a couple of weeks ago to a beach near Dunnville. It felt soooooo good to finally get in the water, although it was a bit too chilly for real swimming.

But holy smokes did Bertha ever have a good time, and even taught herself to swim for the first time! (I didn't get any swimming pictures because I was sure I'd drop the camera in the water.)

This is Bertha taking a little break - and discovering how good it feels to roll around in the sand - she was completely covered - I'm still finding sand in her hair and in my car!

Really, could this girl be any happier?? Look at that smile on her face!

We're going to have to try to make it back here, maybe even this weekend, as it's supposed to be beautiful, hot weather.

Which reminds me, please note that Relish will be closed on Sunday July 1st to celebrate Canada Day. Enjoy the fireworks, everyone!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Vintage

Here's a sneak peak at a great new vintage chandelier that's just arrived at Relish.... Check out the beautiful leaf details and the easy-to-clean high-gloss white finish. Yum!

I've also got a great desk in the works, but it's not quite done yet so you'll have to be patient.

And postings will be a little light for the next couple of weeks - we have a brand new one-week-old addition to the family and I'm still perfecting the art of getting these projects done between feedings, diapers, and a total lack of sleep! (But we're very, very happy!)

Hope to see you soon!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Great New Vintage Dressers at Relish!

That's right, we've got not one, not two, but three awesome new vintage dressers in at Relish. Just wait until you see these. The blue ones in particular are out of this world!

I guarantee these won't last long, so get in here quick to check them out while they are still available!

And don't forget that tomorrow night is Art Crawl - it's going to be a great evening, and I hope to see you all down here soaking up the scene.