Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Well, it was awesome! Supercrawl turned out the be the fantastic event it promised, and then some. There were all kinds of wonderful performers and artists and shops participating - such a good day!

At Relish, we featured a cute little living room scene outside on the sidewalk (with Bertha blocking the door, as usual) and a cozy outdoor fall-themed window display. And I have to brag about the fact that I sewed by very own felt garlands for the window! I know this only involves sewing a straight line, but this is a first for me, so I was very excited.
And we were lucky enough to have some great performers visit us in the afternoon (a video link to some of the performances will be coming soon), and to have Gord Leverton right next door!

Thanks so much to the Supercrawl Team and to everyone who participated to make this a fantastic event. You all deserve a great big high five!

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