Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Hope you all did lots of visiting and relaxing and are now ready to attack the new year. I had a really, really great holiday season. I spent the last week at my parents' house near Ottawa, so there was lots of family time and visiting and catching up and dog-walking through the fields. There was also A LOT of sleeping and eating cookies and chocolates and huge dinners. It was wonderful!

Now I can't honestly say that my New Year's Eve was very eventful - my sister and I spent the day driving back to Hamilton from Ottawa, bought some much-needed groceries and then made dinner and watched movies. I'm sad to report that neither one of us lasted until midnight. Whoops! But the sleeping was just SO good, we couldn't help it!

I'm not sure if most people have taken down their tree by now, but I love mine so much I try to leave it up until the last minute. Which I think will be this Sunday. But if you still have some packing up of holiday decor to do, WAIT!...

Relish is having a sale right now of all the beautiful holiday decor that is still in stock, so you can pack it away for a great surprise next year! That's right, all holiday decor is on sale!!!

There are lots of lovely things left - vintage ornaments, plate sets, vintage holiday glassware, handmade garlands, and cards and gift tags.

So get in here to Relish, quick!

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