Thursday, April 19, 2012


Bertha and I had a chance to sneak home this past weekend, which is always fun. Not only do Bertha and I get to visit with my family, but Bertha gets to hang out with my mom and sister's dogs. It's a bit of total dog chaos, but man do they ever have fun running through the fields like crazy animals!

Bertha supervising the yard from my mom's bed

Bertha on her best behaviour with Rhoda, my mom's cute old lab mix

my sister's handsome dog Shiloh - Bertha has a bit of a crush!

Bertha helping my nana with party prep. And I have to say Nana was very fair with the crackers - one for the platter, one for Bertha.... 

Bertha is SO bored with the 5-hour car ride back to Hamilton!

Basically, it's a huge sleepover party for her. So if any of you are in the shop today, now you know why she's totally passed out asleep - she's exhausted!

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