Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Fun Stuff

Well despite the rain, Friday's Art Crawl was tons of fun and lots of people were out to enjoy the festivities.

High five to everyone who braved the rain! As usual, Friday was a scramble to get things ready, but as a result, there is some great new stuff in the shop this week, including these tissue paper Poms from PomTree you can see in the window..... Such a great hit of much-needed springtime colour!

Victoria Alstein was kind enough to agree to have some of her incredible artwork on display for Art Crawl. If you didn't make it down here on, be sure to stop by in the next week or two to check out her stuff - it's pretty damn awesome.

I've also added another vintage table that I've just refinished. As usual, bright green looks incredible with all types of wood!

This awesome bright red chair is a vintage Vico Magistretti designer chair - made in Italy!!

Another great chair made in the 1930's and newly re-uphostered, just waiting for a new home.

And finally (because I just had to include this) a beautiful floral bouquet sent by my sister Becca and her family from Alberta! Thanks Bec and Kostas & Kaia!

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