Friday, May 27, 2011

Rainy Day Garden

Just before the long weekend, I was able to get my patio pots planted, and after only a week to settle in after being transplanted they've already started getting bigger!!

This is the first year I've put flowers in the pots - as the only sunny spot in the yard I used to keep trying to grow tomatoes. After getting only about 3 tomatoes off the two plants last year, I finally had to admit defeat. But these flowers are looking pretty damn cheerful!

And remember that post I did about Ilya and I pruning our wisteria vine? Well it's started blooming and it's BEAUTIFUL!

I mean, seriously, look at those flowers! And on top of being all huge and beautiful and old-fashioned looking, they smell divine. yum.

Stay tuned - more garden posts are coming. Everything is just exploding with growth and blooms!

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