Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Day in the Garden...

Ok, here's how it started...

Once upon a time there was an gigantic pine tree in our front yard. Now that it's gone, we get buckets of sunshine, but also buckets of weeds growing faster than I can keep up with them. That, combined with general neglect, has made our front yard into a total weed disaster.  And yes, I planted that grass plant there on purpose because one day there will be a garden here.

But I have to say I'm thrilled to welcome this surprise of yellow daisies that appeared in our yard this year!

So I went out one day and bought what I thought was tons of little alyssum cell packs so I could plant a border along the walkway to try to keep the weeds under control. Turns out I only bought about 1/4 of what I needed...

So it's looking good, but now I've run out, and there is no more alyssum to be had at garden centres. So I went back and bought some other little plants to finish the job. (Bonus - the new ones are perennials, so I don't have to do this job every single year!)

Check that out! So damn tidy! (Just ignore those overgrown weedy shrubs on the right - they'll get dealt with eventually.)

The photo below shows the baby's breath plants I bought - not the same baby's breath as was in your high school prom corsage. This was actually in the thyme section. (go figure?)

And this photo shows the irish moss I planted in the shade  near the door. It fills in to create a gorgeous carpet of dense green moss with tiny white flowers.

Now fingers crossed for some rain so this stuff all survives!