Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flowers and More Flowers!

Somehow, despite weeks without rain and what I thought was a total lack of sunshine in our yard, we've got some beautiful flowers blooming in the garden right now, so I just had to share...

This is one of the few spots where the sun hits, so the lavender is very happy here.

Even a couple of daisies made it!

Now I knew I planted a couple of marigolds, but for some reason this one seems to be the most enormous marigold I've ever seen!

I can't explain it, I just have an irrational weakness for morning glories. Love them!

And look how lovely these beauties are! I'm not actually sure what they're called, but they were on sale at the garden centre, so I call that a success.


  1. nice garden - you need a small water fall.

  2. Lol. Yes, a small waterfall would be lovely. In fact any water at all at this point would be great! Luckily we're pretty much entirely in the shade so I haven't had to water too much...