Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Furniture at Relish!

Yesterday morning I got up really early to go pick up some new furniture for Relish from a husband and wife team in Woodstock who build furniture for their business, Second Bloom Design, at their home. Incredible stuff. Seriously! Be sure to come by the shop (at 6 Cannon St E) to check out how lovely this stuff is!!

Look how great that custom teal colour looks in the window - very cheerful for spring.

Another look at the teal side table, made from salvaged wood and welded metal legs.

This beautiful console table is made entirely from salvaged wood - even the legs are old banister spindles!

This is another salvaged wood side table, in the origianl steel finish. It looks very industrial and masculine. So lovely!

A close up of the beautiful steel...

Everything from Second Bloom Design is SO beautiful, and every bit of wood used is salvaged and reclaimed. Once again, I'm very impressed by anyone who is this good at working with their hands. Can't wait to go back to place some more orders!

And did I mention I finally got my sidewalk sign finished today? Very exciting, and just in time for the sunshine!

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