Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Art Wall Continued...

Well I thought since I had an artwork theme going yesterday, and Hamilton has such amazing artists, I should probably share some more great artwork that we have picked up since we moved here...

This is the second print we purchased from Matt McInnes entitled Hamilton Theatres. I adore this one because of all the great colours in it, which contrast perfectly with the graphic illustrations - and the background is covered in hot pink dots! What more can you ask for?! (we still need to find a thrift-store frame for this one...)

This piece is called ZigZag by Emmy Skensved - I actually won this by bidding volunteer hours at Hamilton's very first Timeraiser event. (This, by the way, is an incredible event which will be here for it's 3rd year this fall. It's basically a silent auction for local artwork, but instead of bidding with dollars, bids are based on hours that you pledge to volunteer with a local charity. Great idea!) I have to admit this one is not my boyfriend's favourite, but I LOVE it. I definately have a weakness for stripes. And check out Emmy's website - she does some seriously beautiful and incredible work and has had exhibitions across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver (at venues ranging from local galleries to the National Gallery of Canada), not to mention Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

It's the Pigott Building!! This painting was our very first art purchase - we found it while on an Art Bus tour when we had stopped in at the Tiger Group Studio Gallery. The piece is by Robin Laffier and features what is possibly our favourite Hamilton landmark. My favourite thing about this one is that it's so dark and moody and crackled. Delicious.

This last one isn't on the wall yet, but as soon as I find a thrift-store frame for it, it's going up. My sister and I bought this off of a guy one night at the Pepperjack Cafe. We didn't actually see this band play, but their poster was awesome, so we had to go home with it!

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