Monday, January 31, 2011

New York, New York!

Being a bit of a procrastinator, it was only this weekend that I finally sent off photos from the last few years to be printed. This included photos from a recent trip I took in October to New York City with some girlfriends. I had only been a couple of times before, but always on business, so I never really got a chance to truly check things out. Well this time, we walked just about everywhere on Manhattan Island south of Central Park. Whew!

The visit to New York was fantastic - I finally got to walk around Central Park (see girlfriends posing in the photo above!), which is so much more beautiful than I had imagined. 

We also made a point of walking through Grand Central Station, which is jaw-droppingly stunning. It's hard to tell in this photo, but the ceiling is a gorgeous shade of teal, and is covered with stars and astrological symbols. It's awesome!

We were so productive, we even took the ferry over to Staten Island, which gives you a great view of Manhattan on the return trip.

We even were able to take pictures at sunset from Brooklyn Bridge.

Amazing! The goal for the next visit is to stay in Brooklyn. It seems so intersting and bursting with things to discover. And I hear there's a giant flea market there, which would be a total treasure trove! Can't wait!

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