Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ode to the Wall Decal

I've seen them for years, but only somewhat recently have I personally discovered how truly awesome wall decals are. Last winter, about this time, my boyfriend and I ordered a beautiful wall decal from Decor Designs and put it up in our bedroom. (Sidenote: I generally have no patience for instructions but for really large decals, it is definately worthwhile and necessary to actually follow the instructions to put them up properly!)

And voila!

And can I just also mention that this one we put up is six feet tall?! This is absolutely one of my favourite decorative elements in our house. You know, along with the artwork, favourite vintage pieces, favourite refinished furniture, and awesome original architectural details. Right up there.

Here are some other beautiful and inspiring wall decals....

"Winter Tree" wall decal by NouWall on Etsy.

"Birch Forest" wall decal by Wall Decors on Etsy.

"Oriental Bamboo" wall decal by Wall Decors on Etsy.

"Birds on a Wire" wall decal by Surface Inspired on Etsy.

Ok, I unwittingly had a bit of a "birds and trees" theme going there. Birds and trees have such lovely silhouettes that they just seem to lend themselves well to decals. But there are all kinds of images out there. Hope that gets you excited to do some decorating!

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