Monday, March 21, 2011

So Productive!

With such lovely weather yesterday we were able to get a jump on all that spring garden-prepping that usually gets put off indefinately - we were so productive yeseterday! While today's post isn't too colourful (since no plants have any strong signs of life yet) it show you all the work we did yesterday. It totally wiped us out!

Ilya hard at work trimming our overgrown hedges WAY back so they are sort of under control.

Bertha hard at work chewing up all the wisteria branches I throw down to her from the ladder. She was very tired after all this work!

I guess you can't actually tell in this picture, but this really old and beautiful wisteria vine grows like a maniac all summer - there are branches climbing the wires, into the eaves, even into the huge tree in our yard!

Now the wisteria is all trimmed up and compact - it's going to be covered in gorgeous flowers this spring (I hope), which I'll post photos of as soon as they appear.

More colour tomorrow, I promise!

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