Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vintage Chic

Vintage furnishings are enjoying quite a hype these days. In fact, there was even an article in today's Globe and Mail about it. I have plenty of vintage items in my home, so I thought I'd show you some examples of how great these can look in your home. And keep in mind, none of these pieces required any repairs or work.

Awesome mid-century coffee table in absolute perfect condition.

I am a total sucker for this colour, so of course this one stopped me in my tracks. And someone had put on those amazing oversized chrome drawer pulls..... Yummy!

Both of these plant stands were found items (on the curb). The chair is second-hand and is ridiculously yellow and furry. My cat loves it!

I adore old, vintage things. To me, they have an inherent character that you just can't find in a new, mass-produced item. Not to mention it's a form of diverting items from landfill. Last year I decided I would only buy vintage items (except for appliances and electronics). So if I need an planter for outside or a dresser for the bedroom, I have to wait until I find something at an auction or thrift store. It's actually a great plan - you end up with incredibly unique pieces, you are only spending a fraction of the cost of buying new, and it really makes you re-asses whether you really truly need that certain item, or if it's just a whim.

So here's to happy hunting!...

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