Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project for a Tuesday

I finally snapped. You know those ugly wooden little desktop drawer units from Ikea that everyone had in college? Well we've had one for about 7 years, and it drives me completely crazy. Completely. Crazy.

I've wanted to get rid of it (like, watch it burn for my satisfaction), but it's full of all kinds of odds and ends (some important, some not so much) that just don't have another home.

So this morning I finally tackled it. It's still here, but I've covered it in handmade paper to make it pretty to look at, and a little bit camouflaged so you can't tell what it is right away. Here is my progress....

As usual, I forgot to take the "before" photo, but you can see from the drawers in this photo what the unit looked like. (Charming? Um, no.) So we're diving straight into Step 2, where I've already covered the shell of the unit in a green patterned paper.

Step 3, which is a long one, involved covering the faces of all the drawers, and making all the corners neat and tidy. A bit painstaking, but works well with coffee and listening to the morning CBC.

And see how lovely this paper is that is going on the drawer fronts?!!

Ta Da!! A beautifully camouflaged ungly wooden drawer unit! Now it's actually interesting to look at. I now have no excuse not to tidy up the bedroom. Damn.

Until tomorrow....  Have a lovely afternoon!

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