Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project #1 Finished!

Well last week I mentioned that I had a few projects on the go - I was foolishly optimistic enough to think I'd actually have them finished last week. Yeah right! But I have now finished one of the three that I had on the go, so now I can share it with you....

Stage 1 - Beginning: freshly salvaged. I haven't started a thing yet.

Stage 2 - I finally got the whole thing sanded down, and have just put the first coat of lime green paint on the legs and apron.

Stage 3 - Four coats of paint later (and just look how beautiful that green is!), the legs and apron are finally finished, the table is reassembled, and I'm about to start staining the top.

Stage 4 - Finished! Three coats of stain and three coats of urethane later, this kitchen table is finished, and looking amazing!!!

Just one more look at how beautifully that walnut stain takes to the wood.....

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