Thursday, February 24, 2011

Project #2 Finished!

My second project from last week is now finally done! Here are a few pics of the whole work in progress...

Stage #1 - Had to recruit my boyfriend to help me get the table into the house - it weighs a ton! And notice the gross maple-coloured stain on the tabletop? It's gotta go.

Stage #2 - Sand down the whole thing (except the pedestal base, which was still in good condition). This is harder than it sounds, as I haven't splurged on an electric sander so I'm still doing this all by hand. My forearms are still aching.

Stage #3 - Start staining the tabletop.

Stage #4 - Finish off with a coat of urethane. (I'm saving the pain of illustrating the fact that I had to sand down the whole tabletop AGAIN after staining it. Ugh!)

A lovely closeup of the yummy wood grain NOT in a gross maple-coloured stain. Yes!

And a shot of Bertha posing with the table.

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